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Overcoming the Challenges of Working with Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter experts (SMEs) drive the content for the courses your organization needs. Since their job requirements usually don't include teaching others, how can you encourage them to commit to your projects so everyone can be successful?

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The Importance of Testing in Instructional Design

While many people truly enjoy learning something new, most people dread having to take a test that measures how much they just learned. So why do we keep forcing people to take exams?

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What Pokémon GO Can Teach Learning and Development Professionals

You certainly wouldn't want employees spending time during the work day trying to find Pikachu in the break room, but the game's popularity can provide insights into the future of workplace learning and development.

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How Long Does It Really Take to Create One Hour of Learning?

In an age of YouTube, where 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute, course creation shouldn't be too difficult or time-consuming, right?

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Instructional Design for Non-Instructional Designers

This blog has previously explored the idea that L&D departments themselves have critical skill gaps. 

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Are You Using the Right KPIs for Your Learning Initiatives?

The success of learning initiatives needs to be measured and communicated via key performance indicators (KPIs).  KPIs allow you to measure the success of not only the efforts of the L&D department, but also your programs across the entire organization.

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